You are more than your past mistakes

Key to Life Counseling Center LLC

We provide structured education and therapeutic contact prescribed by statute and regulation in an outpatient or specifically designed residential setting for persons convicted of driving with ability impaired (DWAI) or driving under the influence (DUI). We treat you like a person and not a case number.

Classes                       Cost

50.00 Intake Fee!

DUI Level I Education-12 hours $360.00

DUI Level II Education-24 hours $35.00 per class

Therapy Tracks A, B C, D 35.00 per class

DUI Level II Therapy

  • Track A-42 hours            $35.00
  • Track B-52 hours            $35.00
  • Track C-68 hours            $35.00
  • Track D- 86 hours           $35.00
  • Individual Counseling    $50.00-$75.00  

           Drug and Alcohol Assessments.

Class Schedule:

Level I Education 2 six-hour sessions. Call to schedule.

Level II Education 12 two-hour sessions Monday thru Friday mornings, afternoons and evening. Please call for schedules.

Therapy Groups Track A, B, C, & D Groups held Monday thru Fridays mornings, afternoon and evenings. Please call

303-856-3485 for schedules.

Saturday classes for DUI Level II Education and Therapy.

Relapse Prevention Monday and Weds mornings, afternoon, and evenings. Please call for schedules.

14241 East 4th Ave Building 5

Suite 310. Aurora, CO 80011

(303) 856-3485

Fax (303) 856-3175

We accept Medicaid, Cigna, Colorado HMO, Cash/Check, Most Major Credit Cards and State Vouchers if approved.